Children Of Wife-Killing Suspect Fear Grandparents Will Kill Them


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The young children of the NJ mom who was allegedly killed by her husband and his mistress are stuck in a rotten custody battle. And worse, they are allegedly terrified of the grandparents who they have been staying with. When asked by a cousin to play, five-year-old Riyan Parvaiz responded: "If I leave my seat they will kill me the way they killed my mother," lawyer Freda Khan recounted in Brooklyn Family Court.

Riyan and his two-year-old brother, Shayaan, have been staying with their paternal grandparents since the killing of their mother, Nazish Noorani. The children's father, Kashif Parvaiz, has been charged with arranging for his mistress, Antoinette Stephen, to murder his wife by shooting her in broad daylight while the couple strolled on a suburban NJ street. Prosecutors have called Parvaiz "sociopathic" and "narcissistic," while Stephen has denied her involvement in the murder.

Parvaiz's parents have filed for permanent custody of the children, but the arrangement is being challenged by their mother's parents, who live in Flatbush, and who are the ones alleging the children are scared of their paternal grandparents. Noorani's parents added that they have only seen the kids once since their daughter's murder and the children seemed "extra withdrawn and very fearful."